Who is ABA

The roster of membership in the American Boatbuilders Association (ABA) is an industry Who's Who of strong, privately held, boat manufacturing companies. Since 1992, the group's aim through collective buying power is to obtain the highest quality materials at the lowest possible cost. ABA is all about leveraging purchasing power.

This alliance brings the united voice of a prestigious group of independent boat manufactures to the table. In the aggregate, The ABA Group ranks second in retail market share in fiberglass boats 16' and up. With annual boat sales over $1 billion, and material purchases of approximately $600 million, ABA Boat Builders represent a strong growth opportunity for Suppliers.

The benefits of this trade association reach beyond positive economics for members as well as Suppliers. There is a savings from pooled purchasing and technical services as well as reduced transaction costs. Improved competitiveness and efficiencies translate into better pricing for the boat buying public and drives increased sales and product turns for Manufacturers and Suppliers alike.

For the Supplier, ABA represents a stable source of volume purchasing with limited financial exposure.

Mission Statement

Through the collective buying power of its' members, we will strive to purchase high quality materials at the lowest cost of any boat building entity in the United States. We will organize as necessary to bring the united voice of the independent builder to outside influences such as Suppliers, government, and industry associations.

Our Goals
  • To focus on improving the quality, safety, value, and environmental impact of our products
  • To share knowledge and best practices among our members
  • To promote cost-effective solutions regarding EPA, OSHA, and other mandated policies and guidelines
  • To provide a member forum for the consideration of issues that affect the Marine Industry
  • To provide a member interface with other industry organizations for improving the Marine Industry

Member Companies

THE AMERICAN BOAT BUILDERS ASSOCIATION is a coalition of 12 leading independent US boat manufacturers. ABA member companies have approximately 5,000 employees in the United States, with 15 facilities in 9 states. ABA companies produce more than 15% of all the boats above 16' built in America.

For additional information about ABA member companies, use the following links.


Staff Members
Jay Patton - President
Glenna Stephens - Office Coordinator/ Administrative Assistant
Doug Alexander - Sr. Project Manager

Legal Department
C K McLemore III, McLemore and Rollins
Nashville, TN 615- 242- 2000

Contact Us
Telephone: 770 792 3070
Fax: 770 792 3073
Email: glennas@bellsouth.net

Office Locations
American Boat Builders Association, Inc.
The Brumby Building @Marietta Station
127 Church Street, Suite 210
Marietta, GA 30060